Eastside Memorial Early College High School

2019-2020 Cross Country Team Accomplishments

The Boys’ Varsity Cross Country team finished their season on Monday after the Regionals Competition in Corpus Christi, where they set a new school record of going to the Regional meet back to back as a team. This is a huge accomplishment considering it was most runners’ second year in Cross Country. They showed incredible effort and determination to attend early morning practices 6:30am and improve their times every week since June and even May.

       We would like to congratulate our senior runners who showed great leadership and the definition of “no excuses” throughout the last two years in Cross-Country! All of our seniors put themselves in a great spot to earn College Scholarships for the following year.

  • Please, Congratulate the following seniors and the future of our school’s cross-country program.
    • Senior: David Nava, Finished top 40 in Regionals out of 180 runners, #9 in District 17:05
    • Senior: Moises Villegas, Finished top 40 in Regionals out of 180 runners, #8 in District 17:04
    • Senior: Marlon Caso, Finished top 60 in Regionals out of 180 runners, #14 in District 17:30
    • Senior: Martin Mercado
    • Senior: Hijinio Hernandez
    • Junior: Jorge Gutierrez
    • Junior: Joshua Velazquez
    • Sophomore: Carlos Moscoso
    • Sophomore: Penueli Kihundu
    • Sophomore: Kevin Alvarado

We would like to thank you guys for the unconditional support throughout this season. Ms. Alvarado, thank you for joining our early practices and motivate our lady panthers to enjoy this great sport and make it into a lifestyle. Ms. Vega, Mr. Garcia, Coach Becerra, Dejuan Lewis and Mr. Hague, thank you guys for coming out to the races and supporting our boys and girls.